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Steele Creek Soccer club (SCAA) is a youth organization which offers all levels of competition for players from 3 to 19 years of age.  SCAA promotes an active, healthy lifestyle while teaching love for the “beautiful game." Steele Creek Soccer Club develops complete soccer players. Our core values provide our players the best opportunity to succeed at the next level whether that is high school, college professional soccer or life outside of competitive sports.


At Steele Creek Soccer Club the commitment to be successful is uncompromising.  The core values we strive to teach and instill are:

Passion (Passion always trusts, always hopes , always perseveres, and never fails)

Integrity (Integrity is something that cannot be compromised)

Respect (Respect everyone. Respect the opponent, the rules, your colleagues, your superiors and subordinates. Be thoughtful and considerate)

Sportsmanship ( Sportsmanship is when people who are playing or watching a sport treat each other with repect. This includes players, parents, coaches, and officials)

Community (  Community to create a feeling of mutual trust, care and respect)

Learning while having Fun ( Have fun while acquiring soccer knowledge)


To maximize the positive influence we have as a youth sports organization on the local, regional and national soccer community

To provide competitive opportunities for kids from all cultural and economic backgrounds through the “beautiful game”

To be nationally recognized for player development and competitive success

To instill healthy, positive and lasting core values in our players in order to better prepare them to compete successfully in a competitive world

To provide a variety of programs for all ages and abilities in a safe and fun environment




Youth Academy Soccer Evaluations 

Monday May 6th and Tuesday May 7th, 2019. 

6:15pm-7:15pm: Boys & Girls born in 2013-2010 (U10 & Below)  


Competitive Soccer Evaluations, Monday, May 13, Tuesday May 14, 2019 

6:00pm-7:00pm: Boys & Girls born in 2009/200(U11-U12) 

7:15 pm-8:15pm: Boys & Girls born in 2007/200(U13-U14) 


Competitive Soccer Evaluations, Monday, May 20th & Tuesday May 21st, 2019 

6:00pm-7:00pm: Boys & Girls born in 2005/200(U15-U16) 

7:15pm-8:15pm: Boys & Girls born in 2003/2002/2001(U17-U19) 


The following chart is for the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 season.  "U" is for Under. 

Evaluation Grouping for Boys & Girls 

Youth Academy U8-Born in 2012-2013U9-Born in 2011U10-Born in 2010 

Evaluation Grouping for Boys & Girls Competitive 

U11-Born in 2009U12-Born in 2008U13-Born in 2007U14-Born in 2006, U15-Born in 2005 

U17 & Above:  Born in 2003- Born in 2000 will be assess base on participation numbers. 


Address: Steele Creek Athletic Association complex 13530 Choate Circle, Charlotte, NC 28273 

Please arrive 15 minutes early for the check in. $10 Per Player Online and $15 for walk-ups. 

Please note that all players will need to be evaluated at the above grouping and after evaluation process is complete, we will determine if a player can play "up" in age.